The New Venture


Founded in West Palm Beach, Florida, Venture tooled its first signature deep vee hull in 1994. Venture launched its 34’ center console in 1995, followed by a 34’ cuddy cabin. Word spread quickly about Venture’s solid ride and outstanding performance. A dealer network was established in 1998 and sales took off. By the time Venture launched its legendary 39-footer in 2004, the company had earned a reputation for building the finest open fishing boats on the market.


Venture has modernized the renowned Venture line, moving production to the world-famous American Custom Yachts (ACY) facility in Stuart, Florida. Distinguished for unmatched craftsmanship and uncompromising attention to detail, ACY has taken Venture to a new level, combining state-of-the art technology and experience that is second to none.


The new Venture line offers a number of exciting and innovative improvements — the result of over 20 years of research and development and rigorous product testing. The boat that is synonymous with excellence just got better.

Check out a few of the new features below:

Optional Single Level Deck

No more step ups chasing fish to the bow. A single-level deck is now provided as an option. All you have to do is ask.

Choice of Hard Tops

Venture now offers three different hard top options specifically designed to meet your needs.

Improved Dry Storage

A new and improved gutter and drainage system ensures dryer storage. Hatch seals have also been modified to catch any water that may have not been caught by the gutters.

Extra Fuel Capacity

You now have the ability to add an additional 100 gallons when you need the extra range.

New Tower Design

The new Venture features an ergonomic new tower design that is both stylish and functional

Side Door

If you’re into playing in the ocean,  a convenient optional side door with pocket fold-out ladder makes climbing in and out a breeze, and also doubles as a fish door when you land a big one.

Redesigned Console

The new Venture console features a larger screen display area, optional built-in rod storage and a fully sealed dry door.

Forward Seating Upgrades

Redesigned forward seating allows for added comfort and easy entertaining when the fish aren’t biting.

Live Well Options

Venture is introducing a new forward live well, along with an option for an additional 60 to 160-gallon rear live well.


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